I’ve played over 20 different rulesets this year! Yeah, not games… rulesets. Here’s a small sampling:

I also got to play more games with the kids, more so with Ciarán than with Aoibhinn, but he’s shown a lot of interest and has played a variety of games, including Gaslands, Kill Team, 40k and Battlegroup.

I’ve also gotten to play online a good bit. Phil and I have continued gaming online and we are playing Stargrave since the middle of 2022. It’s from the Frostgrave/Silver Bayonet stable and is really good fun. I’ve also played Kiss Me Hardy with the The Wagon Shankers of Lardyville (don’t ask), which was great fun too.

In person gaming was back with a bang and I was lucky to play lots and lots of games, both at events such as the Warcry Narrative event run by John S. and at a local Flames of War tournament, and at home. The highlight of the gaming year was in November when I travelled to Hamburg for a weekend of wargaming:

Here’s a gallery of selected gaming highlights… all told it’s been a great year for gaming:

Hobbying and Painting

2022 was slower for painting, but then again the peak pandemic years were very good for painting. I know which I’d rather! I did, however, finish a few projects this year, but there wasn’t really a big “2022 PROJECT”! I’ve gotten a decent amount painted and certainly knocked a few things from my painting list. With the trip to Hamburg, I also painted a Frostgrave warband and a Silver Bayonet Special Unit. The thing I continue to be bad at is blogging about my painting… here are a few photos dredged from my phone/camera.

2022 Audit

I outlined my 2022 plans here. Here they are with a commentary on how I got on:

  • Play more games with the kids, both wargames (including multi-system campaigns) and boardgames.
    • Yup! I definitely got this one done, particularly with Ciarán.
  • Paint my backlog of models:
    • GSC Ridgerunner – Yup!
    • Palanite Subjugators – Yup!
    • Splintered Fang Warcry Warband – Nope… carry over to 2023!
    • Blood Bowl Ogre – Nope and have no plans to paint it in the short term.
    • Warmaster Empire Army – Nope, as above.
  • Collect, build and paint a Dark Ages Irish army for Ravenfeast and Saga
    • Almost! I have them practically completed by the time this post (belatedly) drops.
  • Decorate my wargames room/office
    • Yup – yay!
  • Complete my Aeronautica Imperialis squadrons
    • Done… I must play it more.
  • Play some multi-system campaigns (40k setting, Old World or WWII)
    • A little, definitely continues the Kill Team/40k gaming with Ciarán and also played a mini Saga/Ravenfeast campaign with Paul.

So, all told not too bad. I completed most of the things on my list and certainly did loads of things that weren’t on my list.

2023 Plans

Let’s see… I might change things up a little.

  • Play with the armies I’ve painted. I’m looking at you Adeptus Titanicus, Tyranids and Custodes, but there are others… There are armies and warbands I’ve painted, many during Covid lockdowns, but haven’t really played with.
  • Continue playing games with my family, broadening this to boardgames.
  • Do some roleplaying! I really enjoyed the D&D one shot Daniel ran in Hamburg, so I might try my hand at GMing, probably WFRP.
  • Play some more multi-system campaigns (40k setting, Old World or WWII)… this is a carryover from last year, but I do enjoy them.
  • Paint the Warcry and Warhammer+ models from my backlog.

And here are Ciarán’s plans:

  • Paint his (giant!) Flayed One and his limited edition Technomancer.
  • And to play all of the games…

All told 2022 was a great game for wargaming.

Until next time,