After an initial play through we (The Wagon Shankers of Lardyville – don’t ask!) decided a short campaign for Kiss Me Hardy would be some fun. Stiubhart kindly wrote up some scenarios and is again generously hosting the games with his wonderful 1:700 ships. Game 1 represents an attempt by the French (Stiu and me) to run a British (Andrew and James) blockade. Here are a few photos from the Zoom game:

The mission was for the French to pass through the blockade without losing any masts. In KMH exceptional damage, such as losing masts, catching fire, etc., is handled by a really interesting mechanic. When ships come under fire a number of dice is determined based on conditions and the probability of hitting is based on range. For example, a 3rd rate starts with 10d6 in a broadside. Initial broadsides, national characteristics, and raking shots all adjust this. Medium range shots (13cm – 20cm) hit on 4+. Continuing the example, that 3rd rate crewed with elite Sans Culottes firing an initial broadside would have 13 dice, assuming the ship was undamaged. Let’s assume 7 of those hit the hull (keeping things simple, I’ll go for the hull!). Those host cause direct damage points to the hull. The interesting factor is the special damage D10 that is rolled at the same time as the other dice. If it shows the number of hits scored or less, special damage has occurred. Another D10 is rolled and a chart is consulted, based on the nature of the shooting (firing/raking hull or rigging, etc.). This will often cause additional direct damage and some interesting secondary effects, such as destroying masts and causing crew/officer casualties.

Anyway, the reason I went into that long explanation is that the French plan went awry due to just such special damage! Both of the French ships ended up losing masts, the Bowsprit in my case. I also had steering damage! This scuppered the plans, but it really adds to the sense of participating in a naval battle.

Anyway, my ship managed to flee, but it sustained a lot of damage. The only saving grace was that the British were well mauled too and one of their captains, Cpt. Warwick Wrappe-Bagge, was killed by a French ball.

I’ll leave it to Stiu to determine what this initial French loss means for the campaign as they were on their way to collect a spy with important documents! They’re not going anywhere fast with all of that damage…

Until next time,