There’s a ton of terrain in the Better Lucky than Good VASSAL module for you to build your own maps. If you fancy something pre-built then there are plenty of options…

New Game Maps

These maps can be selected from the ‘Start new game offline’ option in the startup Wizard OR from the ‘File > Start New Game’ menu option.

Map 1 (Western Europe)
Map 2 (Western Europe)
Map 3 (Western Europe)
Map 4 (North Africa)
Map 5 (North Africa – Airfield)

In the Scenarios folder…

These maps can be loaded from the ‘Load saved game’ option in the startup Wizard OR from the ‘File > Load Game…’ menu option.

Tailleville – Maps 1 – 4

TFL SS2017 (P99)
The Road North (Old Hickory – Scenario Red One)
Taking the Rail Bridge (Old Hickory – Scenario Red Two)
The Station Approach (Old Hickory – Scenario Orange One)
Near Canisy (Western France)
Near Quibou (Western France)
Near Retma (North Africa)
Near Stalingrad