I’m going to try to be better at photographing the models I paint this year. These were some of the first models I’ve painted in 2022.

The painting was pretty straightforward: primed Grey (Halford’s rattle can); airbrushed Mephiston Red; brushed Mephiston Red (as there is a slight colour difference); watered down dark wash (Army Painter) between the panels; edge and panel highlights (1:1 Mephiston Red and Fiery Orange); weapons and engines painted a dark Grey then highlighted with Leadbelcher and Runefang; dark wash on engines/weapons; some detailing with Runefang; windows painted with 3:1:1 Ultramarines/dark grey/glaze medium; then decals!

Okay, maybe not that straightforward, but when you’re painting five at a time they painted up quite quickly. I might spray them with Mecha Varnish yet as the decals are still a little shiny (I gloss varnish before and after applying them.

Until next time,