#Geekend is what we know it as. A weekend in the year where (apparently) grown men get together to play games. Step one for #Geekend started at least three months before with the decision of which games to play. This is important, as we all wanted to have new armies/warband. This year, the games of choice were Frostgrave and Silver Bayonet, two games that share some heritage, but are actually quite different. I’ve played a good bit of Frostgrave, but Silver Bayonet would be new to me.

Here were the first decisions to be made and I went quite different directions in how I chose my warbands/units for the games. For Frostgrave, I wanted to print my crew. I felt this would give me a lot of choice and control, but it would be important to find models with the right aesthetic when viewed side-by-side against the warbands the other guys would bring. After some browsing and examining of models online, I settled on a variety of models from Vae Victis:

Here are all of the soldiers, printed, primed and with a zenithal highlight. For the wizard and apprentice, I wanted to try something different than I had before. The idea of a summoner really appealed to my, particularly when I figured that a key goal for my wizard would be to summon a Major Demon while we played through the campaign. Here are some WIP shots of the soldiers.

And here are Domina de la Fontaine, her apprentice, Octavia le Blanc, and the demons that plagued them!

The corpses, pictured in the main photo for this post, were also 3D printed, but thankfully their paint job was much less involved.

As for the Silver Bayonet models, I decided to get a standard boxed set (the British) and a few infantrymen to complement them. I wanted to be as historically accurate as is reasonable to be, so there followed a good bit of consultation and viewing plate images of uniforms.

It was lovely having two new projects to focus on. It really gave a sense of building anticipation for the trip to Hamburg… which I’ll talk about in the next blog post!

Until next time,