Like many schemes, it began with a chat. A chat about to prospect of getting together to play some wargames. Now, those chats are often easy to turn into reality – pick a time and drop over to your friend’s place or invite them to your’s. It’s a little more complicated when your friend’s place is over 1000km away. So a date was set and the games we hoped to play were fixed. In the last post I showcased the warbands/units I painted. Travel arrangements were made and a venue for the wargaming was booked: I’d fly to Hamburg in early November and we’d head out to the west of the city…

Thankfully that all ran very smoothly. We stocked up on food and drink on the way and we were all set for a weekend of gaming. Frostgrave was the prime focus, but we sprinkled in some Silver Bayonet and D&D too.

My main mission over the weekend was to raise a Major Demon (in Frostgrave… not real life… well, not yet!). The story was that my wizard, Domina de la Fontaine, came from a lineage for whom success in life was a given. This mantle brings a heavy responsibility and Domina turned to dark powers to ensure she could have her own success. This came with a terrible price and she now struggles to keep the voices in her head straight, not sure where the line between herself and Oder’qu’art lies…

Anyway, in order to raise a Major Demon I’d need to advance Domina through a series of games. Those games were all great fun. We played the three multi-player games of the Hunt for the Golem campaign, with regular one on one games interspersed, for six games in total. Here are photos from the game. The terrain was AMAZING as were my opponents!

Domina succeeded in calling forth the demon just in time to take on the Golem. Oder’qu’art did what was requested of if and put the wayward construct down.

The six games were each an exquisite spectacle of the best things about wargaming: they were fun, told a great story and looked fantastic. It’s an experience I’ll never forget (and those that know me know I have a terrible memory!).

We also played a D&D one-shot, which Dan (D1) ran. I don’t think I’ve every really roleplayed before and I have to say, it was great fun!

It’d be remiss of me not to mention the excellent food and drink. We took turns preparing food and we ate really, really well…

The venue was also really great.

With Frostgrave being the primary wargaming focus, there wasn’t much time for Silver Bayonet in the end, but we did manage a game, and it was really good. It has definitely whetted my appetite for me.

Just look at that terrain again… isn’t it great!

So it was a great weekend of wargaming. One I’m looking forward to repeating again next year!

Until next time,