The aftermath of Game 3 saw action on both the northern and southern flanks as Phil’s forces smashed into mine. This battle report, separated into two parts here as it was played over two nights, was fought using the Meat Grinder mission with 60PL each. We’d played this mission in Game 1 and I narrowly managed to wipe out Phil’s forces. In that game he deployed aggressively and pinned me back. I was wary of him using that tactic again, but being a canny player he adopted a deeper defensive posture this time.

Part 1

I trundled forward, focussing shots on his autocannon weapons teams where possible – they could one shot a Primaris marine. I was conscious of the clog points in the middle of the battlefield, but there was little I could do than I hope I wasn’t delayed too long getting through them. My Inceptors did great work on the left, mostly clearing out a summoned unit of Acolytes. The Inceptors were killed, but I brought them back from reserves and paid the 2CPs to have them appear on the flank again.

Here’s how we left things at the end of the first night of gaming. I didn’t think I was making sufficient progress and the Patriarch, down to one wound, was really hampering progress. When we picked up the game again I’d see if the middle could clear that Patriarch and get moving again.

Part 2

Things certainly started to go my way from here. The Blood Angels cleared the Patriarch with Pistol shots and then had a chance to start charging things. This is where they start to have fun! The Redemptor blasted the Genestealers on the left and the Inceptors cleaned up on their flank.

From here it was mainly about trying to clear the Cults as quickly as possible. the game would go on 5+ turns… I’d need at least one additional turn I reckoned.

Things went well… the Incepters marauded across the Cults’ backfield, adding a Magus, and a Biophagus to their tally. The middle was dominated by my firepower, but it was the right that was causing concern. There were a couple of (lowly) Neophyte units there, but I didn’t think I had the attacks to take them down. They surrounded my three Inceptors… This was the end of Turn 5… would the game continue? Thankfully I rolled high (the theme for this second half of the battle)!

Thankfully the Neophytes couldn’t break the Primaris armour and between their Pistols and fists they smashed the remaining Cults to pull off a narrow win.

Next week we’ll move to the southern flank to see if the Imperial forces can push the Cults back.

Until next time,