Colin and I played a game of Blood Bowl on Sunday night. I’ve been painting up the Humans recently to get them ready and he fielded a loaner Chaos team. We played a fun game that saw the Humans win 3:1. My throwing game was solid. The moment of the match, however, belonged to a Chaos Warrior who fancied himself to be a thrower. Somehow he scooped up the ball and threw a long accurate pass to a Beastmen, which caught the ball and ran in for a TD! It was a spectacular run of dice and was great fun to see!

Colin and I are planning a five-game series, which we’ve named the Stempien Cup, that will pit my Humans against his Orcs. I’m very looking forward to advancing a team through this short sequence of games. Blood Bowl is still the same great game I remember. The rules have changed little… but the miniatures are so good now. I was planning to include my old Ogre in my team, but he looks so dated compared to the new sculpts. I expect I’ll be replacing him soon!

Until next time,