Metal Onslaught was the mission, with the Blood Angels attacking with an inferior force. My goal was to take out Phil’s vehicles. If I achieved this before the end of the game I’d win. Phil would win if he could kill of 2/3 of the PL of my vehicles.

I decided to castle up in the top right corner as I knew Phil would have ambushing units. He brought in a large unit of Acolytes through Telepatic Summons, and that kept me busy through most of Turn 2. Then three of his four vehicles along with yet more Acolytes! All the while his main force moved across the board, slowly bringing their Mining Lasers into range. These combined with Rigged to Blow caused most of the damage to my force. I took out three of Phils vehicles, but he parked the fourth well out of range to the rear of his main force.

It had been a good fight, but he’d taken out 2/3 of my vehicles and I still had one to go with no way to get to it.

It was a win for the Genestealer Cults, which resulted in my army B being pushed back (initially becoming broken as I failed the march test). Phil has pressed his advantage and is pushing against both my northern and southern armies.

This campaign is shaping up nicely. Let’s see if the Blood Angels can regain the initiative in the next Turn!

Until next time,