This is the first game in the map-based campaign Phil and I are playing. It saw our northernmost armies clash at territory (d), a Large Habspire, with a Wasteland Dust Storm causing mischief from Turn 3 (when we remembered it). To choose the mission using this grid. Phil opted to Flank, while I went with Hold, meaning I would be the attacker in a 65PL Meat Grinder mission.

Below are screenshots from the game. In brief…

  • I deployed too close to the edge of my deployment zone and two of Phil’s Aberrant units and an Abominant smashed into my lines.
  • The units that died came back and sought to shoot up as much as possible.
  • Our warlords (my Captian in Gravis Armour and the Abominant) ended up locked in combat for a few turns.
  • Bit by bit I whittled Phil’s army down, but it looked like I wouldn’t get it done by Turn 5.
  • Thankfully we ended up with a Turn 6…
  • … and a Turn 7!
  • Which was just enough for me to get the last model in his army!


Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

On the campaign map, I’ve pushed Phil’s army A back and moved to claim territory (c). My army B has engaged Phil’s army B in the south.

Until next time,