Game 5 and we’re fighting on the southern flank. I opted to Advance with an infantry heavy force and Phil went for Flank – this resulted in him attacking me in the Ambush mission… something the Genestealer Cults are very good at. The game was short. I conceded after the second Round. I needed to get 20PL of my 60PL force off the left hand edge, but Phil’s ambush had really penned me in. With limited mobility I wasn’t going to be able to make that push.

The excitement came after the game… I rolled well for my Campaign Points (CP) and this gave me some options. When Phil lunged his Army A (in the north) to grab territory, I did likewise. Making it as far as his home territory. I had grabbed 7 of the 10 territories. If I can hold them one more turn then the campaign win will go to the Blood Angels. It’s worht saying that I have rolled consistently well for CPs: I’ve had 27 to Phil’s 20. Some of those were down to seizing valuable territories that could generate more CPs, but it’s mostly luck. This has given more options in the campaign turns.

Let’s see how things go during the next campaign Turn. The southern armies need to fight again and then we’ll see if I can retain 7 territories.

Until next time,