Last time out our armies clashed on the northern section of the campaign area. This time it was the southern armies turn.

We played using the Data Recovery mission (pg. 140 of Vigilus Defiant). The recovery points are represented by the green skulls. Following the destruction of Final Salvation, the orbiting space station, pieces of debris have been falling to the planet’s surface. This mission represents each army trying to recovery vital pieces of intelligence/materiel from that debris. The debris falls in random locations and the battle has a random length. Both of these factor impacted the battle!

Phil pushed his Goliath trucks aggressively up the right flank and that occupied me for a little while. The debris that fell arrived much closer to Phil’s forces, indeed two pieces arrived at a single location. My shooting and melee was very effective, wiping out most of Phil’s army, but I struggled to get close enough to the fallen debris. The game finished at the end of turn 5 – I think just one more turn would have yielded a different result. Also, had I just killed one more pesky Acolyte it would have been a draw! As it stands the Genestealer Cults won the day, 3 points to 1, by recovering more debris than the Blood Angels.

This loss pushed Blood Angels army B (BAb) back, but GSCb failed to follow up and BAb moved to reengage.

This week we’ll be fighting at the same location, but using the Metal Onslaught mission, with the Blood Angels attacking – I’m flank attacking, with armour, the GSC while they attempted to reconnoitre the location following the battle!

Until next time,