I’m still getting a lot of enjoyment out of Kill Team. Dan and Colin are my regular opponents. Dan and I have been playing a loose campaign (Benus Majoris) where the antagonist, a Plague Surgeon named Morior, is trying to synthesise a blood flux weapon from Adeptus Astartes’ Geneseeds. Dan had an opportunity to test the weapon, the development of which was disrupted by a Tyranid invasion of the sector, in a game last night. The testing didn’t go well…

We played using the Experimental Weapons mission from The Dolorous Strain boxed set. My Combat Terminator Sergeant with Thunder Hammer was a force to be reckoned with, killing everyone in Dan’s team. We forgot that unmodified 1s should have caused mortal wounds on the wielder… that could have made a difference. We’ve also played several Elites games, having worked our way through most of the missions in that book. These have tended to be low model count games (as Elites and Commanders can be pricey!)

Colin and I decided to give our respective Orks a try out and they proved to be a lot of fun. My Flash Gitz supported by Gretchin proved a formidable force. Their shooting was very impressive (a Snazzgun is Heavy 3, -2 AP and 2 damage!). Even with 4+ BS that can hit pretty reliable (particularly when you start things off with a Comms supported Flash Git with a targeting squig). The Freebooterz Klan Kultur adds a stackable +1 to hit when a friendly model takes out an enemy! We played two games and the paper saves from Colin’s Orks combined with my -2 AP made it a tough prospect for them. Add in tactics that allow a model to shoot again or overwatch again and they become quite frightening. I’m sure a team with better armour would cause them problems, but against fellow Orks they were very effective.

So, lots of games and lots of fun. I’d never have had the patience to paint a full 40k Ork army, but painting ~20 models for Kill Team wasn’t a hardship at all!

Until next time,