Donatelus removed his helm and looked at his team. In turn, each of them did the same. “We are going to die here today. This spaceport will crash into the planet below. All we can do now is prevent the Xenos scum from steering Final Salvation into our forces on the ground. We will die doing what we were born to do. We will die shoulder to shoulder. We will die for the Imperium”, he said, walking from warrior to warrior, looking each brother in the face. They did not cheer. They did not show any emotion. This was their one purpose. They would fight and die for the Emperor of Mankind.

This was the final game in our mini-campaign (Game 1 and Game 2) and it was played using the Destroy the Facility mission from the Sector Mechanicus boxed set. The honours were even so far. We had decided that it would be quite dramatic if the spaceport was going to crash into the planet regardless of the outcome. For each game a player won they would be able to adjust the random landing spot of the Final Salvation by one location. The impact (pun intended) of that event would be to increase the movement difficulty between all locations adjacent to the crash site.

Game 3 proved to be a short affair. There were three locations the Cultists were trying to sabotage (the two crates on the left-hand side and the red one in the middle). In order to do so they needed to have a model within 1″ of a crate for a full turn (having spent a 1CP stratagem). The following is how we deployed and did advance moves…

… and this is how things looked after the Deathwatch opened up with their guns! Phil called it there – my injury rolls were pretty much all 5s and 6s, so his Kill Team was in real trouble. Game 3 was a win to the Deathwatch, giving me +/-1 on the D8 roll that would determine the impact location.

I diced poorly, scoring an 8, which corresponded to h on the Syrlene XI map. This is the location closest to where my armies were deployed! I shifted it one location to g, but this was still an almost perfect result for the Cultists. All of the adjacent paths went from 2+ to 3+ to traverse. It could really limit some of my early mobility in the campaign. The Deathwatch may have died in vain…

Now… onto the 40k games!

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