The Lists (35pts)

  • Me: MacBain, Nomad, Wyshnayllr, Max unit of Seadogs with Mr. Walls and 2 Riflemen, Alexia and the Risen, 2x units of Kayazy Eliminators, Hawk, Grogspar, Rockbottom, Doc, Gorman
  • Anthony: Madrak2, Bomber, Impaler, Max unit of Fennblades and UA, Max unit of Krielstone Bearers and UA, Pyg Burrowers, Fellcaller, Chronicler

The Scenario
Diversion (SR2012)

The Key Moments

  • The Fennblades overextended slightly to reach the frontline of pirates
  • The massive flanking maneuver by a unit of Kayazy Eliminators, who survived 25 attacks from the Burrowers and eventually made it into melee with Madrak
  • MacBain’s feat protected the key solos, Alexia and some models who ran to engage the Bomber and Madrak
  • Under Madrak’s feat his force tore through most of the pirates and narrowly failed to take out the Nomad (which had Failsafe upkept on it)
  • Hawk used acrobatics to get into melee with one of the Seadogs and killed him (he was in the way of the Nomad and was boxed in!). Then she killed a Fennblade
  • The Nomad took down three Fennblades after making room for MacBain’s charge lane
  • Alexia charged Madrak and her Risen took care of the possible last Grim Salvation targets
  • She went through all of her attacks, sacrificing 10 Risen and managed to force three transfers out of Madrak
  • Three Kayazy Eliminators charged Madrak dealing a good bit of damage
  • MacBain swooped in to finish the job (just)!

The Result
Madrak2 is so hard to kill, but he did eventually fall under sustained pressure. In other news, I love Kayazy Eliminators! They are so fast and just lept across the battlefield, until the time came to charge. I think they deserve some paint now… Yes, yes I broke my rule about playing with unpainted models. In my defense I realised 30 minutes before the game that they were also Allies, so I could field them in a Merc force. I was too excited by the prospect to pass them over.

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