Butcher1 vs Barnabas (VASSAL)

The Lists (35pts)

  • Me: Butcher1, Beast-09, Devastator, War Dog, Great Bears, Widowmakers, Marksman, Koldun Lord, Alten Ashley
  • J: Barnabas, Wrastler x 2, Snapper, Max unit of Gatormen, Min unit of Gatormen, Viktor Pendrake, Thrullg

The Scenario
Sacrifice (SR2012)

The Key Moments

  • Beast-09 and Great Bears narrowly failing to kill one Gatorman to control the zone
  • The min unit of Gatormen holding off the Khadoran left flank
  • The flying Wrastler doing 11 points of damage to a knocked down Butcher
  • The Butcher taking out that Wrastler and Beast-09 nearly finishing off the other one (under the feat)
  • Failing to kill the Thrullg!
  • The Thrullg finished off the Butcher

The Result
The minions win be assassination. It was a fun game and J played very well. I probably committed too much to my left flank and I think the Widowmakers and Marksman were underutilised. I didn’t quite understand how threatening the Thrullg was. I won’t do that again. Oh, and flying Wrastlers are cool!

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One thought on “Butcher1 vs Barnabas (VASSAL)

  • 12th March 2012 at 10:33 pm

    Nice quick report, this was a ton of fun and I really din’t expect to win.

    It should be noted that your (virtual) dice were really bad for a turn or two. 🙂


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