I’ve been working on this project for a while and it’s nearing completion. I had some Confrontation Wolfen models lying around and I thought they’d make great proxies for Warpwolves and so this project began – I wanted to build a 35pt Circle Orboros force with only proxied models. Here’s the list I’m building towards –

    Army Name: Kaya2
    Circle Orboros
    35+3 points, 15 models

    Kaya the Moonhunter +3 points
    * Laris
    * Pureblood Warpwolf 9 points
    * 2x Warpwolf Stalker 10 points each
    * Druid Wilder 2 points

    Shifting Stones 2 points
    * Stone Keeper 1 point
    Shifting Stones 2 points
    2x War Wolf 1 point each

    Additional Rules: Eligible for Call of the Wild, tier 1

I haven’t painted the models in bold yet. The Stone Keeper is assembled and primed – it’s a GW Wood Elf Eternal Guard limited edition model. Nothing like the original Stone Keeper (which is a stunning model), but I think it’ll fit with the Celtic aesthetic of what I’m working on. Here are some shots of the army so far.

It’s natural to start with these guys are this is where the army began. It was a shame to see them sitting in boxes unassembled – Confrontation had some gorgeous sculpts, but unfortunately I never got into the fluff and the rules were confusing!

IMG 1619
The warpwolves are the focus point of this army. The original Confrontation make great proxies. Here’s a painting guide for the Pureblood, which I really enjoyed painting.

I’m using the models below as Stalkers. They definitely don’t have the long sword, but at least they are armed with blades slung under their forearms. Here’s a
painting guide for the.

IMG 1618
IMG 1617

Kaya the Moonhunter and Laris
Choosing Kaya was tricky until I saw this limited edition sculpt from Studio McVey. I took my time painting her and am quite happy with the result.

IMG 1615

Laris posed a different challenge. I had bought a Warg from GW several years ago with the intention of using it as the basi for converting an Alter Nobel for my Wood Elves. That never happened, but at least it provided the body for this conversion. I had some plastic dire wolf heads lying around, so a little green stuff later and this was the result.

IMG 1613

Shifting Stones
These were the easiest proxies ever. It’s not often you find ‘models’ in your back yard. I used some green stuff, distressed using another stone, to create the Ogham (Old Irish language) markings. One unit has Blood written down the edge; the other has Gore.

IMG 1623
IMG 1624

War Wolves
These are from Otherworld Miniatures. They are a really good proxy for War Wolves as they are nice a big!
IMG 1612

That’s the force so far. I have the ‘Stone Keeper’ on my painting table at the moment and I have a few models I’m considering for the Druid Wilder.

Until next time,