“Wot?! You reckon there is more shinies wot is like this ‘un ‘ere?”, Rippa mused as he spun the sharp-angled wotsit in his good hand. “Yis, yis”, Glaruv nodded frantically, happy to have pleased the big boss. “I’ll s-s-show y-you… y-yis!”, his initial excitement giving way to the natural fear he had for the buzzsaw-limbed Ork. “LADS!”, bellowed Rippa, “We is goin’ for a little lootin’ expodishun!”

Ciarán and I are playing a four-game Kill Team campaign based on the missions in Kill Team: Chalnath. It’s set on a former Imperium world that has been overrun by Orks. The T’au have traced stolen artefacts here and seek to reclaim them.

Ciarán designed a ladder campaign that has us playing Secure the Relics first. Here’s the deployment for the first game…

I managed to grab an objective in Turning Point 1, but can only score it (2 VP) once it’s back in my drop zone. Ciarán’s T’au will score 1 VP for every objective that isn’t in my drop zone.

I got an objective into my drop zone in Turning Point 2 and a second one from Turning Point 3 (just about!). Since the T’au couldn’t use the Pick Up action, once they were in my zone I was guaranteed to score them, even if I lost the model carrying it.

I was just about managed to win this game 10:7. I only had one Ork left alive on 2 wounds at the end of the game!

On to Escort for game 2, where the Orks will try to bring the trinkets they appropriated back towards their base.

Until next time,