Lisseult whispered in the Duchess’ ear. This time it was about the Dwarfen Scourge and how they threatened Bretonnia’s southern border. It would do to her reputation immeasurable good to cleanse them from this area, stopping their marauding from Karakzil and the Vault mountains. They should turn around and engage the Dwarfs again. It was sure to gain notice and, who knows, maybe her peers would demand she return from exile…

Dan and I are playing again, this time with slightly larger armies. We’re playing a 1250pt game with the Breaking Point scenario. Dwarfs can be a tough nut to crack… let’s see how it goes.


Here’s how things looked after deploying our 1250 forces.

Like the last game, I went with two flanking forces. Pegasus Knights and Errants (never send a boy do to a man’s job!) on my right and my two lances, one of which was loaded with my characters, on the right. My peasant archers and a unit of Yeomen occupied the centre.

The Right Flank

This is sadly a short story… the Organ Gun shot the Errants up and only two arrived in a combined charge with the Pegasus Knights against the Warriors with Great Weapons.

They narrowly lost on the turn they charged, both units giving ground. The Organ Gun than shot the Errants again, removing them and the Warrior charge, while largely ineffectual caused the Pegasus Knights to flee off the board.

I guess I’m going to have to rely on the left flank to get it done!

The Left Flank

Things on the left went more smoothly for the Knights. They hit a unit of Rangers, then a unit of Ironbreakers with the King, wiping each out in turn. One Lance got distracted chasing the Gyrocopter half way across the board, though it eventually fled off board. The main lance pursued enemy off board, but returned and positioned for a charge against the Thunderers. They fled, leading the Knights into the Engineer. The Warriors charged, but in a disappointing showing ended up fleeing from the Knights and being chased down. This ended the game…

The object of this scenario is to reduce the enemy to below 25% of starting Unit Strength. I managed that on my Turn 7, but I only had about 27% of my starting US left when the game ended. It was really, really close!

It was great playing Dan’s Dwarfs again. I don’t think this grudge between the exiled Knights and the Dwarfs of Karakzil is done yet.

Until next time,


PS… there was a story in the centre too. First the Gyrocopter chased away a unit of Peasant Archers, before it became embroiled in the fight against the Rangers. The most bizarre moment, though was a lone unit of Yeomen charging the Iron Drakes, causing them to fall back, leading the Yeomen to charge the cannon. This ended up being a protracted fight with the crew slower giving ground. Eventually the last Yeomen killed off the cannon… only for him to be shot up by the Thunderers after they rallied from the charge from the big Lance.