Mei Feng looked up into Kang’s normally stoic face. She knew him well enough to see in it concern, where other’s would only see a passive giant. She read the weekly telegrammed report again… Four amputations this week. Many workers reporting poor sleep due to vivid nightmares. “This is from Railhead 19?”, she inquired. Kang nodded. “Okay, let’s get out there”.

It’s been too long… too long since we played Malifaux. It’s one of my favourite wargames – it’s got great depth and the rules help to tell stories. Last night’s game was no exception. Dreamer and his Nightmares faced off against Mei Feng and the Foundry. Here’s how the crews deployed (on an undersized board (~23” x ~30”):

Lord Chompy Bits overextended on my left to try to take out a Metal Gamin, Gavin recognising their importance in dropping Scrap Markers. He only managed a bit of damage to it, but in return Kang, Neil Henry and Mei Feng all piled in, killing the big monster. The left then became the focus of most action. I had chosen my Schemes poorly, so I had to maximise the Strategy, the Metal Gamin, Mei Feng (twice) and Kang all dropping Strategy Markers. The fight involved a lot of healing, so was mostly ineffectual. I sunk a lot of damage into Serena Bowman, but I couldn’t kill her off. My Forgling and the Gamin died and I managed to take our Coppelius, but none of that was serving my Schemes.

Meanwhile the Dreamer was bringing an Insidious Madness into being and rambling around dropping Strategy and Scheme Markers. This, combined with another Strategy Marker from Serena, essentially drew the game.

On his last turn, Gavin managed to get two models onto my half of the board and drop Scheme Markers to carve out a one point win. We finished the game 5:4 to Dreamer.

Here are details of the crews and how the scoring went…

It was an excellent game and great to be playing Malifaux again. I don’t think Mei Feng has dealt with the scourge invading the dreams of the M&SU workers. We’ll have to try to catch that pesky child another time…

Until next time,