Lisseult could not believe her good fortune. To have encountered the living dead before the Mousillon Exiles arrived in the Land of the Dead was a glorious surprise. Her plans had started more than ten years ago. They had all led to this moment…

John brought 1250pts of freshly assembled Tomb Kings to face my Bretonnians. This battle is set as they arrived in the Border Princes. Something has lured the undead north from Nehekhara to this region. John and I played really fun game. Loads of movement and loads of action. A couple of rules mistakes, but nothing critical.


Key Moments

  • Need to remember how failed charges work!
  • Similarly, Fear and Terror. Specifically the role unit strength plays in those rules.
  • Need to continue playing to the ‘rule of cool’. I charged a unit of Tomb Guard including a Tomb Prince with a severely depleted Lance (albeit still containing my characters). It made sense for the Duchess to make that charge. Honour demanded it!

Tomb Prince Ashur raised his Khopesh and pointed it towards the living knights. Their leader, enclosed in full plate armour, wheeled her mount and the remainder of the formation towards him. His Tomb Guard stood beside him in silent readiness… as was their eternal duty. A kick of spurs and the knights launched into a full charge. Prince Ashur readied his blade, eager to dispatch more potential servants from their mortal coil into his eternal service.

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