Prince Gotrek Ranulfsson, son of King Ranulf Morgrimsso, had never been know for his patience. When word came that Belegar Ironhammer had run into difficulties he hastily assembled a force and marched out to meet the Bretonnian interlopers. He rushed his army to the field of battle, the engineers complaining all the while that the rough handling would upset some of the fine mechanisms of the warmachines, particularly those of the organ gun. They intercepted the cavalry army further up the pass near an abandoned stronghold. Ranulfsson’s army formed up, blocking the pass. The Bretonnians didn’t attempt negotiations, their previous experience with the Dwarfs of this area proving talking was fruitless. Their lances formed up quickly, falcons circling overhead, the only signal that a charge was imminent.

This time out I’m facing Lenny’s beautifully painted Dwarfs in a 1250pt battle. It was an excellent game against a great opponent. Here’s Lenny’s Battle Report (on Facebook). Here are some photos and a brief overview of the key moments from the game.


Key Moments

  • The generally poor performance of the Dwarf shooting. This was a combination of poor dice (probably the biggest factor), poor angles and the Bretonnians closing the gap quickly.
  • The Dwarfen right flank collapsing to a lance of KoW, Pegasus Knights and some Yeomen.
  • A large fight in the centre that bogged down after the lance was blunted by a flank charge. We drew 3-4 combats in a row! Eventually the flanking Pegasus Knights broke the stalemate.
  • The Damsel’s magic proved very effective, with Oaken Shield and Wrath of the Lady being kept up most of the game.

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