Gharnag stalked to the edge of the forest, his keen sense of smell and sharp eyes taking in the spectacle. Fires and cooking meat, black and red livery caught by the flickering flames, the grunt and whinny of horses… these interlopers seemed to have become a little too comfortable near his realm. He backed away, evoking the names of dark patrons under his breath. He would ready a hunting pack and descend on the invaders before dawn’s light.


I set Warhall to take screenshots every ten minutes. Here’s how the battle unfolded…

The enemy had broken camp early and were on the move. They kept a distance from the forest. Wise, but there was no backing away from this fight now. They’d have to clear some open ground to reach the cavalry, but he trusted in the harrying hounds and in the ferocity of his kin.

Key Moments

  • The Bestigor ending up in Reserves.
  • Both units of Chaos Hounds charging on turn one, wiping out the Peasant Archers with one, but losing combat to a unit of Mounted Yeomen.
  • Two of my Lances ganging up on the three Chaos Spawn and taking them out in a single round of combat.
  • The Ungor and characters charging my large Lance, blunting it and causing it to flee. I managed to kill the Shaman that combat.
  • The Ungor charging the rallied and reformed Knights of the Realm unit, but my BSB, who had been in Reserve, managed to join them.
  • The Ungo and characters bounced, leaving them facing a charge from several Bretonnian units.
  • The Bestigor never quite got into the game.

Gharnag dragged the prone body of his Shaman. Any other of his kin in this state he would have been left, but this one saw things and could call on powers that made him special. The Ungors were being slaughtered while he fell back, but he’s have his revenge. His best fighters had not made it to the fight… a mistake they would not make again.

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