I really like the GSC… their backstory, aesthetic, connection to Space Hulk. I’ve had an army for a few years, but it hasn’t seen much tabletop time. In truth none of my armies, 40k or for any system, have. I play too many game types to get that kind of focussed experience with an army. So, I need to learn what I can in the games that I play. To that end, I’ve managed to get a few 1000pt games with the Genestealer Cults: two against Ciarán’s Necrons and one against Dan’s Votann. Here’s how they went…

Game 1 (vs Votann)

Dan won this handily, but there were some lessons learned:

  • A large unit of 20 neophytes with a Primus and Nexos is powerful, albeit very delicate (like most GSC troops). I didn’t include enough heavy weapons, so missed out a bit on the increased firepower and the Primus’ rerolls.
  • The Abberants are very Killy, but they take a lot of points at 1000pts. I’ve played around with replacing them in the subsequent games.
  • The Jackals are great, but I have to resist throwing them away.
  • Assassination is very easy to score against GSC!

Game 2 (vs Necrons)

In this game, the Abberants were subbed out and another unit of Jackals added. This was fun, but I lost some much needed punch. Still, it was a slightly closer game, though we didn’t use secondary missions which is somewhere I think the GSC can do quite well. Here’s how it ended:

Game 3 (vs Necrons)

I used a unit of Genestealers led by a Patriarch in this game. They game a bit more punch, but Deathmarks proved unerringly accurate at both shooting characters out of their bodyguard units and for putting fire down on units arriving from Deep Strike. A bit closer this time, but I didn’t manage to score Behind Enemy Lines – I need to get better at secondaries as that was the real difference in this game

So… I definitely need more practice, but just playing games is fun. I look forward to getting the GSC onto the table more often.

Until next time,