Fazbanga grinned with a toothy snarl as Gutrencha’s approval echoed in his pointy ears. The rokkit launches so far might have been more spectacular than planned, but this one was different – it soared into the void, a fiery promise of WAAAGH! Gutrencha’s eyes gleamed with the lust for da big scrap, and Dingfrakka’s teleskopp visions fueled the warlord’s dreams.

The Meks got to work, welding metal, scavenging scrap, and bolting together a contraption that would make even Gork and Mork proud. Fazbanga’s hands worked with a mix of brutish force and devious cunning. Each clang of metal on metal was a beat in the rhythm of impending mayhem.

As the contraption took shape, Gutrencha rallied da boyz, their excitement contagious. “Dis one’s gonna take us to da stars, lads!” he bellowed, the promise of interstellar krumpin’ echoing in his guttural voice. The moon had become too small for Gutrencha’s ambitions, and the universe beckoned.

With a thunderous roar, the makeshift spacecraft belched smoke and fire, propelling itself into the cosmos. Fazbanga, Gutrencha, and da boyz clung to the ramshackle creation, a ragtag horde hurtling toward the unknown. The warlord’s eyes glittered with a primal glee as they left the fiery expanse of their moon behind.

The teleskopp’s visions had ignited a hunger in Gutrencha’s heart – a hunger for da ultimate WAAAGH! Among the stars, where new foes awaited and unexplored realms promised fresh plunder, Gutrencha’s Orks hurtled forward, a roiling tide of green and steel, ready to unleash their uniquely chaotic brand of mayhem upon the unsuspecting galaxies.

Lieutenant Aurelius Noctis, a steadfast figure within the Imperial Fists’ 5th Company, is a beacon of unwavering resolve. Clad in indomitable power armor adorned with the insignia of his chapter, Noctis carries a relic master-crafted boltgun, its ancient design a testament to the chapter’s enduring legacy. With a demeanor as unyielding as the adamantium in his armor, he leads his warriors with disciplined precision, casting a vigilant shadow upon the enemies of the Imperium. In the heat of battle, the resounding echoes of his boltgun herald the relentless advance of the Imperial Fists, a force to be reckoned with under the command of Lieutenant Noctis.

Yet, it was an unexpected twist of fate that found Noctis aboard a formidable Space Hulk, designated Theta Grohzan. His mission, initially a routine extermination of a xenos infestation, took an unforeseen turn when intelligence reports hinted at the presence of a long-lost relic—an artifact believed to carry the essence of an ancient Imperial Fists hero.

Driven by a sense of duty and a desire to reclaim this piece of his chapter’s storied history, Noctis redirected his formidable forces towards the drifting behemoth. The Space Hulk, a twisted amalgamation of wreckage and cosmic debris, became the battleground for Noctis and his warriors.

As they ventured deeper into the hulking mass, they faced not only the expected xenos abominations but also the echoes of long-forgotten conflicts. Noctis, ever the unyielding commander, navigated the labyrinthine corridors with tactical precision, his relic boltgun barking defiantly against the encroaching darkness.

The lieutenant’s unswerving dedication to the Imperium and the preservation of his chapter’s legacy fueled the arduous mission. The relic, rumored to be hidden in the deepest recesses of the Space Hulk, was both a beacon of hope and a symbol of the Imperial Fists’ enduring strength. With each resounding shot of his boltgun, Noctis pressed forward, determined to reclaim the artifact and secure a victory that would echo through the annals of Imperial history.

And so it was that Gutrencha and Lieutenant Noctis ended up on the Space Hulk, Theta Grohzan, destined to clash in the tight confines of the derelict mass of void crafts.

Chris and I brought our Imperial Fist and Orks forces together for a couple of Boarding Actions games…

Game 1 (Power Struggle)

The Ork numbers gave them access to the powerlines, allowing them to mess with the functioning of various systems on the hulk. Fazbanga was having great fun, expanding his Mek knowledge, but that wasn’t really something Gutrencha cared about. He got to krump some oomies, particular some big fiery ones!

Game 2 (Rad Leak)

Gutrencha thought he was the master of this floating battlefield, but Fazbanga knew better. He could see the boyz were starting to look pretty sickly. Something wasn’t working as it should. Maybe he’d messed with a powerline too many earlier! He asked the nobz to take care of it. They were reluctant, but Dingfrakka backed him up… the painboy having noticed the boyz turning ungreenish!

Gutrencha was oblivious to all of the unfolding drama. He flung itself carelessly at the yellow-armoured oomies, smashing a few, but getting his head well bashed in return. Thankfully Fazbanga and Dingfrakka were able to stop the Rad Leak, ensuring the boyz could continue to seek enemies to smash on the sprawling hulk.

Big thanks to Chris for dropping out to play some games. Boarding Actions is a great format – simplified, but not simple. Combine that with beautifully painted armies on atmospheric terrain and it’s what 40k should be all about!

Until next time,