Knowing that we were going to the UK and would visit Warhammer World, Ciarán and I got to work on two new Warcry warbands: the Hunters of Huanchi and the Splintered Fang. The plan was that the first time the warbands would see the table would be as part of a campaign we’d play in the Mecca of (GW) wargaming.

Ciarán got this for his birthday in May, though they sat unassembled for a while. Once we knew we were heading to Warhammer World we had a deadline, so work began in earnest. Ciarán laid down the base colours and I did the detail work. They came out really well. They were to be know as Rafichi’s Revenge.

My Splintered Fang, known as Hysshon’s Venoms, were painted a bit before the Skinks. They came together nicely and round out a 600pt Slaves to Darkness army. I’ve never played AoS before, but I reckoned that using Warcry warbands and the Chaotic Beasts (Furies and Raptoryx) was a good way to build out the basis of an army.

Day 1

We had the tentative idea that the two warbands would be clashing while seeking a venom from legend. We’d let the cards decide how the games would be set up…

Game 1: Vantage Point

Rafichi’s Revenge grab an important clue to the location of the Orobek Venom, which has been frozen somewhere in this icy realm for millennia.

Game 2: Drawn and Quartered

Hysshon’s Venoms chase after Rafichi’s Revenge, but can’t quite overtake them to grab the clue…

Game 3: Raze

Hysson’s Venoms sprung an ambush in an attempt to capture the artefact. They failed.

Game 4: Cut Off The Head

The Venoms sought one final act of vengeance, seeking to kill the leader of Rafichi’s Revenge as the Skinks appeared to be within reach of the prize. Not to be out manoeuvred in the dense woodland, the Skinks swarmed the Venoms, taking out their leader instead!

Day 2

We decided to play a campaign, the Path of Ven Talax, from the rulebook on Day 2, as we had a visit to Warlord Games booked.

Game 5: Raid in the Dark

(P139 of the Core Rulebook)

Hysson’s Venoms happened upon Ven Talax’s map. Rafichi’s Revenge sensed the enemy had something of importance and initiated a midnight raid. It was unsuccessful.

Game 6: Deadly Race

(P139 of the Core Rulebook)

While investigating a site on Ven Talax’s map, Hysson’s Venoms are nearly caught by Rafichi’s Revenge.

We didn’t quite get the second campaign finished, but both warbands have attained some powerful artefacts. Ciarán and I had a blast playing Warcry. It is such an elegant game and lends itself well to a pick-up campign.

Until next time,