Phil and I last put some Silver Bayonet models on the table was near Hamburg last year. It was the ‘other’ game we we planned to play as part of a Frostgrave weekend. As it happened we only played one game, but it was good fun and certainly gave me a desire to play more.

Roll on yesterday and Phil rocked up with the smallest army transport I’ve ever seen. It was a hard plastic case for playing cards that he’d managed to squeeze eight models (and some bubble wrap) into. I had set up some terrain for for our game and laid out the first scenario earlier in the day, so when he arrived we were good to go.

We were both pleasantly surprised how quickly and smoothly the system played. It’s an elegant set of rules. Anyway, here’s a bit of bad fiction and some photos!

The Investigation

Cpt. De Barra had gathered the men. “Lads, it’s probably nothing, but some old fella is reporting people being killed. Not something we’d normally deal with, but he said bits of the bodies have been taken…”, he trailed off, letting that disturbing fact hang there. “Yup, sounds like our kind of deal alright”, Harper piped up, “Bodies missin’ random bits… sure call in the 98ers!”. The veteran hunter’s humour made everyone grin, but Conor knew he hadn’t been the same since the encounter with that damnable troll. Just recalling that incident set his own arm twinging. “Okay, you know the drill. Bran – make sure everyone has enough shot and powder. Lads, bring provisions for two days. I don’t expect we’ll be out overnight, but best be prepared.”, he said. It was as close as Cpt. Conor De Barra ever got to issuing an order to the 98ers. He didn’t need to. They knew what was expected of them.

Capital Du Mourn placed his unit in a wide formation. He knew with the English ‘special unit’ in the area there was no such thing as a standard patrol. Off to his right, the grenadier had spotted something. A musketeer was accompanying as they pushed up to investigate. Du Mourn paused to watch them. Whatever it is, it seems to be hidden under a thorny bush. They both recoiled at what they’d found, he could see the colour drain from their faces. He signalled ‘caution’ to his men on the left and continued to proceed. The distinctive retort of a ‘Brown Bess’, as the English called it, rang out and he knew they’d stumbled upon the enemy. The shot however did not seem to be aimed at his unit… what had the English found he wondered as he pressed forward, pistol and sword in hand.

They had found the Hobgoblin! I placed it close to my unit reasoning that I had several shots ready to fell it. That didn’t quite pan out and Cpt. De Barra ended up charging it. That didn’t pan out either and he was taken out by a shot from a French musketeer in the back! I dispatched the beast, but the sound of gunshot was everywhere now. I began to back away after, the Doctor, an Infantryman and Bran were injured. Harper charged a French Grenadier and nearly took him down. The man fled, but did so into the field of fire of my Rifleman, Shawn ‘Mis’ Brady. He did not miss! Harper’s blood was up (i.e. I got greedy!) and I decided to charge the Captain Du Mourn when he came to the edge of the woods. The duelled, but did no damage to each other. A French supernatural investigator who had been accompanying his Captain stepped to the wood’s edge and dropped Harper with a single shot (natural 20!). My remaining unit left the board, but it had been a reasonably bloody affair.

Thankfully there were no permanent injuries in the post game dicing for the English, though the French Grenadier did develop a case of the jitters.

Silver Bayonet is really fun. I’ll definitely play it any opportunity I get.

Until next time,