Game two in our campaign and this time the kill teams are in direct conflict as they attempt to secure ground. This mission sees objectives near one’s Drop Zone progressively disappear! It means the operatives are forced to move out to take the remaining objectives…

Escalating Hostilities


  • Everything the Deathwatch did! Their double-tapping or fighting then shooting was amazing this game. By two activations in I was already in a commanding position.
  • Bolter Discipline combined with Devastator Doctrine doing horrendous damage to the T’au (again).
  • The T’au distributed their shooting a bit. This hurt a marine and killed another, but it meant most of the kill team was still fighting effectively at the end of the game.
  • The Deathwatch survivability was very impressive again.

This was a fun game… for me. It was a real struggle for the T’au as the Deathwatch (well, Intercession Squad) seem to be very powerful. I will probably change faction for our next game, just to see how they perform.

Until next time,