So, 10th Edition, eh? Ciarán and I have decided to get stuck in by playing some Combat Patrol games. It keeps things pretty simple, with one document containing all of the rules needed to play a force. Along with the PDFs of the core rules, combat patrol rules and a quick rule sheet we’re all set! We’ve watched a few batreps (mostly WarhammerTV and PlayOnTabletop).

Game 1: Clash of Patrols

This mission is pretty straightforward, with basic objective scoring (5VPs per) and the chance to gain a CP off an objective you controlled. My GSC got the hop on the Necrons, sneaking up through some terrain on the left and executing a long bomb charge. The Doomstalker and Skorpekh Destroyers were unlucky to get bogged down trying to clear the Rockgrinder (Chimera proxying in for it). Ciarán wasn’t too impressed with the Necrons, but luck had a big roll to play.

We called it after three turns, but I think we mostly got the rules right, so that was good at least.

Game 2: Archeotech Recovery

This ended up being a much more balanced game. In this mission the two of the three ‘No Man’s Land’ objectives disappear through the game, leaving one that would be worth more VPs at the end. Again, I got a bit lucky, particularly with a round of overwatch from the Neophytes against the Skorpekh Destroyers, killing the remaining two in a unit. That said, I only had five models left at the end of the game to Ciarán’s pretty much full unit of Warriors and his Overlord. Speaking of the Overlord, his unit charged into the Neophytes and in two rounds of fighting Ciarán rolled two lots of four 1s! Thankfully the Overlord’s dice woke to deliver the killing blow to the Magus. The game ended 58-50 to the GSC… the slimmest of margins.

So, they were our first two games of 10th Edition of Warhammer 40,000. We enjoyed them and certainly plan to play more. We’re going to stick with Combat Patrol for a while and are planning to stick with our GSC and Necrons – it’ll give us a chance to learn our armies. Wargaming can encourage a lot of flitting around.

Until next time,