My friend Andrew wrote a lovely set of rules for playing out the vicious game of hide’n’seek between Kevin and the Wet Bandits (Harry and Marv). Here are the rules as a PDF document:

The game rules are deceptively simple: Kevin sets traps and tries to keep away from the bandits for 15 rounds. The bandits move, then Kevin moves. However, there are a bunch of thematically named Stratagems to spice things up!

Ciarán and I played through a couple of games and it proved to be great fun… Inquisitor Calicus Rackham played the role of Kevin and Buzzsaw and Rippa were Harry and Marv.

Game 1

I played as Kevin, but I seemed to run myself into a corner and despite the traps chipping away wounds from the bandits.

Game 2

In the second game Ciarán took on the role of Kevin. Stealth, guile and excellent trap placement kept him out of the clutches of the Wet Bandits, causing substantial damage to Marv along the way. Marv was lucky to survive the game! That said, he only survived long enough to end up in the clutches of the law!

Thank you Andrew for a lovely festive game. We had great fun playing it.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Until next time,