Against convention my Ork Kill Team to date has been quite ranged focussed with a set of Flash Gitz supported by some Grotz. I added a Nob in Mega Armous a while ago, but he’s an expensive model to add to a Kill Team. Recently I’ve been working on these guys. I wanted them to look like twins because, well, they consider themselves to be brothers. Of course Orks are all spawned from fungus-like spores, but very few Orks are willing to argue with two Nobs with Big Choppas about whether they’re siblings or not!


This guy was so much fun to assemble and paint. He has the body of a Flash Git, head and weapons of a Nob and various other bits to make him look Ork. Both he and his brother have a thing for heads – in fact it’s a source of competition between them. Buzzsaw has fewer, but Rippa is still jealous. Buzzsaw’s cranial trophies are to be envied, coming from a Flash Git Kaptain and a Terminator. Buzzsaw kept the Terminator’s helmet and gifted the Astartes’ head to Rippa – he loves his brother (as much as Orks can love anything) and meant it was gifted out of kindness, but that’s not how Rippa saw it…


Rippa’s body is a standard Ork one-piece (torso and legs), with again an assortment of pieces. The main ones coming from the Nob kit. Rippa has become increasingly jealous of Buzzsaw and the recent ‘gift’ of the Terminator’s head was the last straw. He has placed it on his shoulder spike as a reminder. He now seeks to outdo his brother at every opportunity. The Flash Gitz are showy by nature, so Rippa wants to demonstrate that he’s as good as anyone in the Krew.


I wanted to add a second Ammo Run to the Kill Team, so a minor conversion was in order. This Grot was holding a makeshift hand weapon, so I converted it into a huge Stikkbomb. I put him on top of an ammo box (from a Predator I believe) and that was that. I love the paint job on this little guy – so much character.

Where did he get the name ‘Kaboom’, you ask? Well, Kaptain Grimwaagh likes to shoot targets, so he get Kaboom to toss Stikkbombs into the sky and he attempts to blast them with his Snazzgun. Poor Kaboom is completely deaf as a result…

Until next time,