For the 5th game in our Crusade Campaign, Phil and I have stepped up to 50PL. This was a really fun game using the Flanking Manoeuvre mission from Beyond the Veil. VPs were scored for keeping the enemy from your deployment zone and away from an objective in that zone. I got lucky and ended up being the defender, meaning I had a much smaller deployment zone to defend. I also had some fast moving units in my army, so I reckoned I had a shot at getting into Phil’s deployment zone.

I put everything on the board and Phil kept a unit of Intercessors in the Teleportarium, probably hoping to harass my Hive Guard as he did in the last game. My Hormagaunts are wicked fast now, being Kraken and with the Fleet of Foot battle trait. I was able to use Onslaught from the Hive Tyrant to get a charge on the Redemptor and some marines in Turn 1. They killed a couple of marines and Phil countered with some audacious charged from marines into my Termagants and Brood Lord. His Intercessors also teleported in.

My Tyranid Prime and Hive Guard whittled down the teleporters and the Termagants finished off the marines that had charged them. My Hive Tyrant started to attack the dreadnought. We were in the decisive point of the battle and my VPs were beginning to overtake Phil’s. I was making good use of the Kraken ability to fallback and still charge where possible. The Space MArine Captain continued his rampage and took out the Screamer Killer.

I managed to overcome the Redemptor and the Intercessors in my deployment are and things were starting to look grim for the Astartes. My Tyrant continued its killing spree, taking out the Librarian, Captain and snipers. It took a lot of damage, but judicious use of Rapid Regeneration kept it going.

The Tyranids won in the end. The Gargoyles did very little, but their ability to rapidly get into Phil’s deployment zone meant they helped score VPs every turn. The Hive Tyrant was a bit lucky to last the full game as I played him very aggressively. I have some options in my Order of Battle, so my 50PL force may be a little different next time.

Until next time,