This is game 2 of our What a Cowboy! campaign. Last time out the self appointed lawmen, the Thompsons, did some serious damage with their shotguns. They killed two of The Lingos, just leaving Little Voice, aka Curly. Revenge was very much on his mind.

Game 2 – Homesteaders

The fire crackled and the smell of overcooked meat hung in the still air. Swift Mickey Nicholls was a talker. As the embers drifted towards the starry sky words tumbled from him. Little Voice and Washakie sat across from him in silence, the two Shoshone never said much. They suspected the fire water had something to do with Mickey’s loquacious manner. They understood little of what he said, but revenge was the theme and they gave curt nods of agreement when it seemed appropriate. Billy wandered back into the glow of the fire. While Mickey spoke he’d been staring in the direction of the unseen Thompson homestead, but the La Roca hills blocked the focal point of their anger, which was some three miles away. “We’ll leave before dawn, I reckon.” he interjected, “Hit the lawmen where they live”. The word ‘lawmen’ almost stuck in his throat. Mickey quietened and nodded. Two more nods from the Shoshone and there was agreement.

The two Shoshone pushed up to the barn and set it alight
Billy Sugger had a more personal form of revenge in mind…
… and he proceeded to kick over Pa Thompson’s grave marker.

A gunfight broke out around the blazing barn, with the Thompson brothers storming angrily into the fray, shotgun and Winchester firing away.

Billy Sugger was the target of the Thompson brother’s anger (unsurprisingly)

Micky tried to support Billy, but effective shotgun fire forced him to flee. Winchester slugs and shotgun pellets were directed at Billy, hitting him several times. A final shotgun blast to the head finished him. Little Voice and Washakie exchanged shots with some of the Thompson lackeys, nearly felling one. When time was called they decided to leave. A stalemate, but one the Thompsons wouldn’t soon forget.

The barn was razed to the ground

Little Voice, Washakie and Mickey ran. They had exacted some revenge, but it had come at a high price. “Billy got it”, Mickey yelled as they cleared out. Neither of the Shoshone understood the phrase, but they knew what Mickey meant. This feud was going to get much worse before it got better. Little Voice was ready for the fight and he didn’t mind seeing the white man die for it. These lands are his people’s lands. Inciting a little mayhem and in fighting was what he was here for. It was what he an Washakie had blood vowed to do.

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