This is game 4 of the Crusade campaign and is the last of our 25PL games. Next week we’ll be stepping up to 50PL. The mission for this week was Data Acquisition mission from Beyond the Veil. We decided that the mission represented the Tyranids sampling genomes and sending the information back to the Hive Mind. The Deathwatch were destroying the sources to prevent them. We used the Distorted Approach from the Strategic Setbacks, which meant that when we placed our units they were randomly placed in one of three equi-sized areas in our deployment zones. This was the closest of our games to date and really could have been one by either force.

My random placements weren’t ideal, but I was able to get on objectives early. This early VPs advantage sustained me through to the end and the game finished 70:50 to the Tyranids. Phil had a good answer to my Hive Guard, placing a unit of Intercessors in the Teleportarium and dropping them in on Turn 3 behind the pesky shooty Tyranids.

My Broodlord did a lot of work (as always!), but was eventually taken out by that same Intercessor unit. Phil’s Librarian almost singlehandedly waded through 20 Hormagaunts over several turns, only taking 2 wounds in return! In the end there were no Tyranids on the board, but they had done enough early on to secure the win. Thankfully none of my units sustained Battle Scars and I have the following advancements going into the 50PL games:

  • Broodlord: Deadly Charge (+1 A then Charging, Charged or in Heroic Intervention)
  • Hive Guard: Improved Sights, which we reckon is a weapon mutation (+1 to Hit for one model)
  • Hormagaunts: Fleet of Foot (+1 Move and +1 to Charge and Advance Rolls); combined with Kraken and Adrenal Glands this makes them very, very fast!

I’m looking forward to playing bigger battles… now off to study some stratagems!

Until next time,