Stiu invited a group of us to play a game of What a Cowboy!, which is currently in playtest and wow whee we had some fun! I won’t talk about any of the rules, but suffice to say they are an interesting take on What a Tanker! and they offer loads of cool, cinematic moments.

My favourite sequence was when Padraig ‘Moe’ O’Malley, one of my gunslingers, spotted one of the lawmen in the distance and felled him with a shot to the guts. The lawman’s brother was none too impressed and brazenly marched towards my gang, blasting O’Malley in the head with his sawn-off shotgun and narrowly missing Lorentz ‘Larry’ Liebovitz in the spray.

I’m very much looking forward to the release of this game. It’s really fun and characterful.

Until next time,