Phil and I played another 25PL Crusade game this week using the Lying in Wait mission from Beyond the Veil. It was another swingy game, with the Deathwatch being the defenders. The mission objective for the defenders was to survive. Mine was to ensure that didn’t happen.

Phil castled up in his backfield, but my Hive Tyrant’s Psychic abilities, supplemented by his shooting, combined with the deadliness of the Hive Guard, meant that I just kept hitting the Deathwatch from afar. I kept the terrain between me and them to help mitigate long bomb charges. The Assault Intercessors were a priority, as they can mow through anything in my army if they strike first. Once they were taken care of I moved the Termagants up and added more shooting to the mix.

There was one melee in the end with the Hive Tyrant finishing off the Librarian. Phil was really unlucky with his Battle Scars rolls again and now three of his units are carrying penalties.

We’ve levelled up some units, so the Crusade is progressing. One more 25PL game and then we’ll step things up to 50PL.

Until next time,