Phil and I played another 25PL Crusade game this week using the Regroup mission from Beyond the Veil. Again it proved to be a swingy affair. The mission objective was to hold ground in the centre of the board. Neither of us rushed into that. I didn’t want to end up in a killing ground and Phil didn’t want to present me with easy charges…

My Tyranids pushed up the right and across the top. The Hormagaunts were mostly trying to slow down a unit of Inceptors while my Genestealers dealt with some Assault Primaris. Unfortunately I failed a charge and then the Primaris charged me. This was compounded by taking two turns to kill them off, because I was bottlenecked. This probably was the turning point of the game as it gave the Inceptors to finish off the Hormagaunts. My Genestealers were now too far from where they needed to be and the marines always have enough firepower to make an enemy pay!

This was a good game and Phil managed some advancements for his troops. My guys had to settle with participation prizes (XP!).

Until next time,