Phil and I fancied trying a Crusade campaign to represent the Deathwatch vs Tyranid struggle on the surface of Amish Prime. Recap: the Tyranids have swarmed through the Cophichi sector and are very much in the ascendency; there’s something important enough on the moon of Amish Prime, in the Haxel Bunker, to lead a Deathwatch strike force to punch through the Tyranid fleet; they are now battling across the moons surface with a mysterious artefact in tow.

Here we play a Combat Patrol (25PL) game with models from our respective Orders of Battle. The mission is Power Spike from the Beyond the Veil Crusade supplement. VPs are scored for holding objectives and the attacking force (the Deathwatch) can also destroy objectives. The defending force (the Tyranids) start a little closer to the objectives. The screenshots pretty much tell the story of the battle…

25PL games are really swingy and this game hinged on some excellent shooting from the Hive Guard and timely charges from the Hormagaunts and the Broodlord. The Broodlord did a huge amount of work in this game, finishing off three units, casting loads of psychic powers and just being an all round menace! He did so much work that he has gained the Deadly Charge Battle Trait (+1 A on charge, was charged or heroic intervention), which seems fitting as he very much led from the front.

Until next time,