Haxel Bunker is the most secure facility on Anish Prime. Built deep into a volcanic outcrop on the main continent of Cophichi’s moon, this bunker has been designed to withstand all but the strongest of orbital bombardments. The facility claims to even be able to withstand viral bombing as it is completely self powered and secure from biological contamination from the surface. The bunker extends downwards through seven enormous levels. Weapons, ammunition and fuel are stored on the upper levels, with food and water being stored in the middle section. The deepest levels are used as long term shelters for the system and planetary governors with space for important nobiles and advisors in the case of planetary invasion.

In the twenty four hours leading up to the Tyranid planetfall the bunker was secured and restocked with great haste. The 2nd Erymanthian regiment was deployed inside the complex while the system governor, Meleager, was brought down from orbit. All was going to plan until the Tyranid drop pods started landing around the entrance. Meleager had not yet landed and a desperate defence was undertaken to keep the bunker doors secure while he arrived. This proved futile despite the brave sacrifices of the Militarum Tempestus. The advance elements of the Tyranid force managed to penetrate the top level of the facility before the doors were ordered closed by the planetary governor, Pholus, who had made it to the complex earlier in the day.

At that point the first level was lost to the attackers and the second and third levels were soon taken too. At the fourth level the Scions were able to regroup and force the Tyranids to halt. An uneasy stalemate emerged on this level with neither side able to gain the upper hand easily.

Game 1

As mentioned in the last blog post, this campaign is all about the experience of the ordinary forces. For our first game we decided to use the most basic mission: break the enemy (5 turns; you win by breaking the opponent). This turned out to be a cracking game. My Tyranid horde swarmed forwards, using cover where possible and pulling off some audacious charges. Phil’s Scions held the line and blasted the bugs. ‘Rendy’ (Genotype II-087-EA-θ, The Rending Destroyer) drove his brood forward, but against the odds the Scions held steady while whittling down the swarm.

This was a hard fought battle. The Scions were lucky to only lose three models. The Hormagaunts were unlucky in melee, particularly with Injury roles. In terms of losses, five of the Hormagaunts are permanently dead, three will miss a game (maybe their biomass was recovered) and three would be available for the next game. The Scions lost one permanently, have one injured and one that’ll be available for the next game.

This game was surprisingly fun. Surprising in the sense that we used very ordinary models and very basic mission. However, they still produced a tense game.

We’ll be returning to Haxel Bunker soon for the next game in the Cophichi campaign.

Until next time,