Phil and I have turned the tables on the campaign and are replaying it, this time with the Deathwatch attempting to punch through to the moon of Anish Prime. There is a prize deep in the Haxel Bunker that must not either be retrieved or destroyed.

Game 1

This game saw 750pts of Space Marines (Ultramarine vessels are representing Deatchwatch – there are no black models in the Vassal module) punching into a 500pt fleet of Tyranids. It was a fun game, with the Escorts clashing early. The Hive Ship Avarice then took a lot of damage and was out manoeuvred by the nimble Space Marine vessels. This caused it to flee.

The Tyranid Escort screen was destroyed quickly and then the larger Tyranid ships focussed on the Space Marine Escorts.

They only managed to take out three and cripple the Eternal Defiance before they withdrew. They will need to present a stiffer resistance next time.

The Deatwatch, Onyx Patrol have engaged the Tyranids. For our next game we’ll shift focus back to the surface of Anish Prime with a 50PL game of Imperial Guard (representing the 2nd Erymanthian Regiment) fighting a near hopeless fight against the swarms of Tyranids.

Until next time,