I’ve dipped back into the Old World with some Dragon Rampant recently. As part of that foray, I decided to pick up books that I’d previously only purchased as PDFs. The flexibility of PDFs is amazing, but it’s hard to beat the reality of a book. I know that’s odd to say, but you can flick through it for inspiration in a way that’s hard to achieve with a digital document.

I played through a game of Dragon Rampant with Ciarán, using my Wood Elves and Empire lists. This play-through was in preparation for a Zoom game this week. It’s strange, that as the books are becoming physical, the gaming has become more virtual! It’s a great to get some of the old toys out and it offers an opportunity to revisit the Old World. Here are the Wood Elves coming out of storage:

And here’s a tiny fraction of The Empire, which was my first army. Hard to believe they were printed over 20 years ago:

The play-through went well – Dragon Rampant is pretty straightforward, but offers a nice gaming experience and one that, hopefully, will translate well to Zoom play.

Everything is setup here for the Zoom game – I have a high up mount point for one of the cameras and I have a small tripod for the close up action. Hopefully it’ll all run well.

Until next time,