I quite like the idea of Warhammer Rampant – the fluff and character of the Warhammer setting (pre AoS!) with a solid set of rules (i.e. not AoS!) – so here’s a mapping for Wood Elves units to Dragon Rampant unit types.

Units marked with a * have had their points manually adjusted by me, usually because I removed rules or added rules. Otherwise the mappings use standard Dragon Rampant unit type, options and fantastical rules. These are not meant to be definitive, so feel free to use whatever rules make sense for you.

Reduced Model Units (RMU) are noted below along with their Strength Points. Any unit may have the Fleet Footed option added for 1 point per unit.

Wood Elves Unit Dragon Rampant Base Unit Options and Fantastical Rules Points Cost Models
Highborn and Retinue Light Missiles Sharpshooter 6 3-4 (RMU/12)
Spellsinger and Retinue Light Foot Wizardling 5 3-4 (RMU/12)
Highborn on Forest Dragon Greater Warbeast Flame Attack and Flying 10 1 (RMU/6)
Glade Guard Light Missiles 4 12
Deepwood Scouts* Scouts Increase Shoot range to 18″ 3 6
Waywatchers Light Missiles Sharpshooter 6 6 (RMU/12)
Eternal Guard Heavy Foot Offensive 6 12
Wardancers Bellicose Foot Shining Armour 6 6 (RMU/12)
Wild Riders Elite Riders 6 6
Warhawk Riders Light Riders Flying 6 3 (RMU/6)
Great Eagle* Scouts Remove all Shoot rules, Skirmish and Fleet Footed; Increase move to 12″; Flying 3 1 (RMU/6)
Dryads Bellicose Foot 4 6 (RMU/12)
Treeman Greater Warbeast Flame Attack 8 1 (RMU/6)
Treekin* Lesser Warbeasts Decrease move to 8″; Cunning 5 3 (RMU/6)

I haven’t mapped out all of the units, but this should give you some ideas. For example, if you want Glade Rides you could use Heavy Riders.

Hope you find this useful.

Until next time,