Next up in Warhammer Rampant I thought I’d tackle The Empire. The mappings use standard Dragon Rampant unit type, options and fantastical rules, although units marked with a ** have had their points manually adjusted by me, usually because I removed rules or added rules.

Optional rules for Empire Detachments and Warmachines (Cannons, Mortars etc.) are included below.

Reduced Model Units (RMU) are noted below along with their Strength Points.

The Empire Unit Dragon Rampant Base Unit Options and Fantastical Rules Points Cost Models
General of the Empire (mounted on a Griffon) Greater Warbeast Flying 8 1 (RMU/6)
Captain of the Empire (mounted on a Warhorse or Pegasus) Elite Riders Flying, if Pegasus (+2) 6 1 (RMU/6)
Wizard Lord Heavy Foot Spellcaster 8 1 (RMU /12)
Battle Wizard / Warrior Priest Light Foot Wizardling 5 1 (RMU / 12)
Halberdiers Light Foot 3 12
Spearmen Heavy Foot 4 12
Swordsmen Heavy Foot Offensive 6 12
Free Company Light Foot Short range missiles 5 12
Handgunners/Crossbowmen Heavy Missiles Weighty Projectiles 3 12
Archers Scouts 2 6
Greatswords Elite Foot 6 6
Flagellant Warband Light Foot Offensive 5 12
Knights of the Inner Circle Elite Riders Level Headed 8 6
Knightly Orders Elite Riders 6 6
Pistoliers Light Riders Short range missiles 3 6
Outriders Light Riders 4 6
Hellblaster Volley Gun**
Steamtank  Greater Warbeast  Flame Attack  8  1 (RMU/6)

** John and I have been working on rules for warmachines in Dragon Rampant, but you could use Heavy Missiles if you’d prefer.

Warmachines rain death from afar, but black powder weapons are prone to the occasional misfire and they don’t stand up well to being charged by the enemy! Here are some optional rules for fielding them.

Misfire!: On a Shoot ordered activation, a dice roll of double 1s is a misfire (a mechanism has jammed, the shell has exploded in the barrel etc) the unit automatically loses 3 strength points. NB this does not cause a courage test as it has not been caused by an enemy attack or shooting

Here’s how to field some common Empire Warmachines with the rules above:

The Empire Unit Dragon Rampant Base Unit Options and Fantastical Rules Points Cost Models
Great Cannon** Heavy Missiles Maximum move of 4″; Strength Points 6; Maximum range of 24″ 4 1 (RMU/6)
Mortar** Heavy Missiles

Maximum move of 4″; Strength Points 6; Minimum range of 6″; Blast: for other units within 4″ of target unit roll 6 dice, 6 to hit.

4 1 (RMU/6)
Hellblaster Volley Gun** Heavy Missiles

Maximum move of 4″; Strength Points 6; Maximum range of 12″; Venomous

6 1 (RMU/6)

Empire Detachment rules have been designed to allow small foot units to support larger parent units. Halberdiers, Spearmen and Swordsmen may be fielded as half strength ‘detachment’ units with a points cost of the list unit halved (rounding up). This unit doesn’t count as having taken losses for Courage tests, but otherwise is treated as being at half strength (e.g. only rolls 6 dice when attacking/defending). They must have a nominated parent unit (Halberdiers, Spearmen, Swordsmen, Handgunners or Greatswords). A parent unit may only have one detachment. Detachments gain the “Intercept-charge” rule.

Intercept-charge: When an enemy has successfully diced to Attack the parent unit, but before it moves, this unit may test for an intercept-charge if it is within 4″ of their parent unit. Test for an Attack at 7+. If it succeeds, the enemy unit and detachment meet a proportionate movement distance between their start positions (usually placing the detachment just in front of the parent unit), and both count as Attacking. If it fails, the detachment stands in place and the parent receives the enemy’s charge. Counter-charge may not be used if the detachment unit is Battered.

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