(Written by Ciarán)
A long time ago, there were aliens who wanted to be immortal robots, so thats what they did. They slept in catacombs for over 60 million years. When they woke up, one of the Overlords, named Mekeramen, wanted to build a city the as big as a planet. He wanted to invade Zorg Beta II, a planet with a lot of people, but not a lot of water sources. If he could poison the water sources, he could take control of the planet. He wanted to call his new city Avacaja, because he was from the Avacajian dynasty. But a stubborn group of human warriors could stand in his way . . .

The Main Protagonists

Overlord Mekeramen

(Written by Owen!)
Mekeramen’s megalomania is driving him to establish a new planet-sized city on a world now defiled by the vermin Humans. He sees himself as the ultimate patron of art and science. This new city will be a celebration of the might and majesty of the Necrons.

Captain Hasdrubal

Hasdrubal has been tasked with repelling the Xenos invaders. Zorg Beta II is an important staging world for the crusade into the Pariah Nexus. The Blood Angels will deny the Necron expansion.

The Campaign

For this campaign we’ll be using the Crusade campaign rules in the big rulebook, with some inspiration taken from the Beyond the Veil mission pack. Both Ciarán and I will start with a 25PL Order of Battle. We’ll track Battle Scars and Battle Honours as usual.

We’ve already played game 1. I’ll post about that soon.

Until next time,