We played this game with the ‘Supply Drop’ Crusade mission from the Warhammer 9th Ed. rulebook. It was a 25PL game with Ciarán’s Necrons, which he painted himself) vs my Blood Angels. The objectives represent potential water sources on the outskirts of a major city. The Necrons are looking to seize and poison these to drive the humans from the planet, which Mekeramen has determined to turn into a megacity to illustrate the might of his dynasty.

Success for the Necrons. Ciarán won handily, 100 VPs to 20 VPs. I let myself get entangled with the Destroyers and the Immortals had a stunningly good round of shooting at the Bladeguard. This swung things. The objective in my deployment area was the first to disappear, but by that stage I had little chance of winning the game anyway!

The only post game effect of note was my Lieutenant suffering a Deep Concussion.

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