On the moon of Anish Prime, the Scions of the 2nd Erymanthian Regiment scramble to interdict a Tyranid force trying to destroy another shield generator (Zeta-21) that offers protection to the Haxel Bunker complex.

Game 6

Again Phil and I played a 50PL game. This time I tuned my force a little to deal with Phil’s Valkyries, by including a flying Hive Tyrant and some Hive Guard. Much of our respective forces started the game in Strategic Reserve.

The Tyranids won the first turn and the Hive Tyrant managed an audacious change (Kraken advance + Onslaught) to contact the right-hand Valkyerie. I think rolled a crazy number of 6s, bringing it down (Monstrous Claws + Toxin sacs following a successful Smite). This put the Scion right flank on the back foot.

The Scions held back, opting to put as much fire as possible into the Hive Tyrant putting 9 wounds on it. It regenerated (Stratagem) and went after the other deployed Valkyrie. It didn’t need to! The attentions of the recently arrived Broodlord (Smite) combined with a very successful turn of shooting from the Hive Guard and the Termagants took it down.

Another Valkyrie swooped in, but the Scions were in a bit of trouble. They concentrated fire onto the Termagants, killing 15, but the were still 40 Hormagaunts in reserve, so things were looking a little bleak.

The Scions fought valiantly, taking down the Hive Tyrant and nearly felling the Broodlord, but it was too late. The Tyranids had swarmed the generator. The defenses of Haxel Bunker are beginning to waver…

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