Wow! Who would have predicted the topsy turvy year that 2020 turned out to be. Strangely, it was a good year for wargaming. I painted loads… I mean really a lot. I also managed a reasonable number of games, though there was a transition from face-to-face games to playing online (through Vassal). To that end, I wrote/adapted a module (called Better Lucky than Good!) for playing Chain of Command and Battlegroup.

This year saw me pick up a 3D printer (an early Christmas present). I’ve printed and painted two armies so far (Epic Tyranids and Adeptus Titanicus Legio Mortis). I’ve also added vehicles to my British Paratroopers (Jeeps) and my early war Germans (Panzer III and Trucks). I have printed terrain for 15mm WWII and Adeptus Titanicus/Epic. The printer is a revelation. To say I’ve been amazed by its quality would be a massive understatement.

Anyway, here’s a gallery of what I got up to during the year…

2020 Reflection

So? How did my 2020 plans go? Here’s what I said I planned to do in 2020:

  • Play more games with my kids.

Yes – this definitely happened… at times because they were the only opponents I could have in the house! Ciarán painted a Necron force from the Indomitus box, so that has spurred him on to play both Kill Team and 40k (as his force grew).

  • Develop some stories (and games) involving Inquisitor Calicus Rackham.

This only happened to a limited extent. Mostly because face-to-face gaming was hampered by the pandemic. He has potential as a character and I have more hobby projects (a personal retinue and ground transport / Adeptus Custodes) related to him planned or ongoing.

  • Continue the Kill Team and Warhammer 40,000 campaigns. Maybe throwing in a little Epic or Apocalypse (using Epic models) if it fits the narrative.

Yes, this definitely happened. Phil and I have played lots of games of Kill Team, Epic and Battlefleet Gothic. This encouraged me to tidy up my Epic Blood Angels bases, add some bits (Terminators and a Thunderhawk) and tidy up my Eldar bases. I also printed and painted an Epic Tyranid army. I also converted up a Tyranid fleet!

  • Declutter. I have a lot of armies sitting in drawers, while new armies are strewn about the place (not literally, but they’re not as organised). Some armies need to be archived (i.e. bubble-wrapped and stored away).

I did some tidying. Put some armies in deep storage (bubble wrapped and boxed). I still need to do more tidying. I’m looking at Really Handy Boxes as a possible solution. We’ll see…

  • Play more Warcry.

This happened a little early in the year, but again was hampered by lockdowns. I painted up the Defiled Ruins terrain and the Chaos Beasts, so I have everything I need to play… other than an opportunity to host someone!

  • I still want to play more WWII games, but the opportunities to do so are limited. I need to cultivate opportunities if I’m to realise this wish.

This really worked well. I made the Vassal module, played a load of games with Steve (who’s based in Hamburg), painted a Russian army and painted a British Paratrooper army. I’ve also printed and painted loads of terrain. And I’ve started an early war German army! Phew! That was a lot.

  • See what ‘Infamy, Infamy’ from Too Fat Lardies looks like when it releases. It’s something that may interest Phil too.

Nope… it didn’t tickle our interests!

2021 Plans

And what are my plans for 2021? 2020 was a bumper year for wargaming. Who knew a global pandemic could be good for hobbying?!

  • Continue playing games with the kids.
  • Print and paint an Adeptus Custodes army.
  • Add to my Legio Mortis.
  • Paint up another legio (probably Legio Ignatum).
  • Continue the Cophichi campaign with Phil.
  • Play an Eastern Front campaign with Steve.
  • Try not to out-print my painting capacity!
  • Related to that, look at printing some ACW armies.
  • Get back to face-to-face gaming…

So, if 2020 taught us anything it’s that plans can be disrupted. Let’s see how things go in 2021!

Until next time,