The Deatwatch of Onyx Patrol continue to punch through the Cophichi system towards the beleaguered moon of Anish Prime. Again we’re using the Battle Over Kotol campaign with the Space Marines as the attackers and the Tyranids as the defenders.

Game 2

In this second game the two fleets are equal in size (750pts), but the Tyranids start in some disarray, at least 15cm from another vessel, some with damage already and several pointing in random directions. This certainly impacted the Tyranid fleet as they like to be reasonably close together. The major impact was the lumbering Hive Ship, Hunger, pointing in completely the wrong direction. Hive ships are not able to issue the ‘Come to a New Heading’ order, so it spent most of this short game trying to turn to face the enemy!

Even with moving at slow speeds on their left flank, while the right flank tried to get turned back around (hampered by failed Leadership checks that led to unhelpful Instinctive Behaviour reactions), the Tyranids ended up being picked off in a piecemeal fashion. They didn’t manage to fire a single shot before two of their Cruisers and three Escorts were destroyed to accurate Deathwatch fire.

Hunger and Anger decided to disengage.

Onyx Patrol are now getting close to Anish Prime. We’ll see if they can retrieve whatever is so important from within the Haxel Bunker.

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