The moon of Anish Prime, an important defensive outpost in the Cophichi sector, has been surrounded by the Tyranid fleets. Fighting is ongoing on the surface with the Tyranids focussing on the Haxel Bunker complex. Some Tyrnaids have penetrated the upper levels of this subterranean stronghold, but they are being held at bay by the brave Scions of the 2nd Erymanthian Regiment. On the surface of the moon, the Tyranids are trying to bring their overwhelming numbers to bear on this site, but are being thwarted by a network of void shields. This 50PL game represents the Tyranids trying to take out the void shield generators around the site.

Game 5

The Tyranids swarmed towards the void shield, but their numbers were greatly curtailed by having to deploy beyond the coverage of the shields. This allowed the Scion scouts time to detect the approaching enemy and deploy a rapid response team.

The Scions of the 2nd Erymanthian Regiment deployed rapidly to protect generator Zeta-22. The firepower from their Valkyrie transports, combined with their ability to seize the important ground put the Tyranids on the backfoot.

The Tyranids pushed forward relentlessly, but they were unable to overwhelm the defenders.

Eventually they were whittled down, and their leading beasts were taken out, breaking the attack and securing Zeta-22.

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