The Tyranid advance has been relentless… that was until this game!

Game 4

Things swing in the defenders favour in Game 4 and the Imperial fleet capitalised on its advantages to put a stop to the Tyranid fleet surrounding Cophichi. All of the Tyranid capital ships started with damage, with one of them, Greed, bleeding badly.

They pushed in toward the Imperials, cutting off the moon of Anish Prime (which is where a desperate fight for the Haxel Bunker, and whatever secrets it contains, is now underway).

Malice, a more melee focussed hive ship, outpaced the rest of the Tyranid fleet and came under concentrated fire. In the meantime, the bleeding Greed died and began to drift. The Imperial fleet was still quite intact, so the Tyranids withdrew, opting to fight another day.

So, this marks the current high water mark for the Tyranid incursion Anish Prime, which now has a surface defence and a desperate fight ongoing in the Haxel Bunker. The contents of this bunker are important to the Imperium and a contingent of Deatwatch, Onyx Patrol are en route to retrieve this prize for the Imperium.

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